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Mumler – Mr. Bronson Murray / Ella Bonner

An article from the July 21st, 1886 edition of Light describing a letter from Mr. Bronson Murray about a photograph he received with the spirit of Ella Bonner. The article goes on to detail the process by which the photograph was produced.

Now to give our readers some notion of these recognized transcendental photographs. Plato VI. shows wane of Matador’s pictures, and the necessary attestations are added. First is Inter loon Mr. Bedlam Murray,* which was published in the Bonner of Ligid, of •.1th January, 1873 : — ” To THE Furrow. “Seet,—In the latter part of last September, Mrs. W. B. Alembic, of 170, West Springfield-street. in your city (Boston), being one day in a trance condition while treating one of her patients, suddenly puled, and remarked to me that if my photo. graph should be taken by Mr. Mumler, on the plate along with me might appear the form of a very anxious lady, hiding in her hand a bouquet of Bowers in the shape of an anchor, and who wan desirous of loudening her husband with the fact of her existence ; that she had sought in vain for a channel of communication a with hint, but hoped now to succeed thrugh me. Mrs. Moulin shied : • On the plate, visible only by help of a magnifying glass, will appear the letters B. Bonner? I asked if it was Robert Bonnet% but got no reply. •• While preparing to sit for nay picture, I was entranced for the first time in my life, and misted Mr. Sc amber’s attempts to put me in position. He could not get me to sit upright and to use the iron head mat. 1 was, therefore, taken in the state which he will describe to you. and the female form, with the anchor and letters compoes1 of flowers, appeared as promised, but I knew DO one named Beiguir who would be the one wanted.” (Plato VI., Fig. I.) “On returning to the city, I mentioned the sieve facts to several. A holy told me that she had lately met by chance a Mr. It mina, of Giorgio, and desired to show him the picture. Two weeks knee I mu at her house by invitation, and there came in a gentleman—Mr. Robert Po:mid—who said that the picture was that of his wife : that he had seen it in the possession of the lady. and that the likeness was commpletely hit off. No one here disputes the perfect resemblance to a photograph which Mr. Bonner had taken of her two yam before her death. But that is not all.’ (See Plate YI., Fig. 3. Unluckily the likeness dote not come out so strikingly upon the field impression as on the original photograph.) •• When ho first saw this photograph of . Mr. Dinner wrote • letter with questions to his deceased wife, and after securing it from Lang opened, sent it by post to Dr. Flint in this city,’ (New York). Next day the letter was returned unopened with an answer of seven ‘ages. In it Mrs. Bonner gave her name, • Ella,’ and said she had sought and obtained termiion appear on myplate. She also said that Mr. Boners brother., William and Hamilton, were with her, and his old friend, the sought Ialtipsd sat Curti, that the would aluirtly write, through Dr. Flint, a letter to their little wn. Ilammie, of whom she raid that Mr. Bonner should take good care of him ; she also begged him to go to the spirit-artist at Boston ; she would go with him tool appear with Inumm the plate. holding in one hand a garland .4 dowers, another garland on her head, and pointing upwards with one hand 1 road this in her letter, and Mr. Bonner added : • I ant going to Boston to-morrow, mid when I get then, I shall give no one a hint of my name.’ Parr days later, Mr. Bonner called on me at my home. lie had been to Marton, had menti.thed his online to no one and yet had obtained the peotnimal plodogruph with his wife upon it, just as had been undertaken.” (See l’IateV l., Fig. 2. The garland in the hand of the form is scarcely to be discvnied on the light impression.) •• Any inquirer can see these photographs at Mr. Mumler’s, at Boston, or by applying to roe at New York. . . . Mr. Bonner says that he is personally known far and wide in Georgia and Alabama. •• Everyone who knows me is imam that in risking this statement public I have nothing to gain or to seek ; to its accuracy I pledtte myself. . . gigt, West 82m1 Street, New York City. 7th January, 1873.—Itwassox Mnosiv.” Photograph 4. on the mune Plate VI., represents Mr. 3Ioses A. Dow, editor of a well-known journal in America, the Intent., Maourre. The following lindoeind account of the Lam at the side is hem a letter to ‘I M.A. (Oxon.),” in le ardent:— “Boston, Man., r.S., “September •8th, 1874.
“To • M.A. (Oxon.)’ •• Ur.tit S.M.—Your DODe of the 17th nut. mashed toe this tanning. and I will try to give you an outline of my experience — — – • • A well•knoww New York Spiritualieh who 11010 not belceur to the class of believers in all phenomena rautortant to it tholitonotic t hie nano alas-area ow DOV0110ohillti tttttt which appear.’ the fraudtaltnt peseta…wed mediums. t nook. this Stollisible to the re vier. I Milli mentioe that Flint and aim almoread, wren and to whoa, urea Pant waled letters, adtlnastal to thweser.1 pr-n’. and she, the letters leis: co•pened, n•. ivied e.minenicatis 414 by lostoosistic writing from tho althorn’ ptaaostw and then hat…Into] thew mowers to thaw who had written the Ictter•. iThe phstorraph is rr.ridoeoi in //moan Int (IN 113). , Item stock the letter is copra’, -Tn.

Archive ID: 2020.13.729

Date: July 21, 1886

Publisher: Light

Author: M. Aksakoff

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