Craig and George Falconer Spirit Photographers

Craig & George Falconer

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Alias: The Falconer Brothers, Craig & George Falconer, Craig Falconer, George Falconer

Craig & George Falconer were Scottish mediums and spirit photographers. They operated a studio in Edinburgh, Scotland from the 1920s through 1930s, with 100s of specimens on view. Their mother was also a well-known medium.

Their photos typically contained a spirit face inside an ectoplasmic cloud and provided customers with “amazing evidence of continued existence beyond the material world.”[1] To prove their authenticity, the Falconer Brothers allowed customers to load their camera with fresh film and closely observe the entire process from exposure to development. They also specialized in developing thoughtograph and skotograph images.

One customer stated:

This photograph is to me most convincing visible proof that there is intelligence and consultation shown by communications from the other side. Knowing what I do of the spirit visitors, and knowing also that the photographers could have no access to that knowledge I am disposed to accept this photograph as a sufficient voucher in itself for the perfect bona fides of the operator

International Psychic Gazette – Oct. 1931

In 1931 the Falconers were visiting South Africa when two customers discovered cotton wool and a photographic cutting of a “spirit” face in their possession. On July 9th, police arrested the brothers and collected negatives as evidence. The trial lasted from August 4 to September 28. They were convicted of fraud after it was determined their images were nothing more than screen-printed cutouts. They were ordered to give up their equipment and pay a fine of £150 each.[2] The judge stated, “they were encouraged in their fraud by the credulous fools who supported them”.[3]

Following the trial, the Falconer Brothers returned to Edinburgh and maintained a steady demand for their spirit photographs. They advertised as late as 1938, stating “they have produced astounding evidence of survival to all investigators”.[3]

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