Hazelton – William White Spirit Photograph Advertisement
Banner of Light
June 14, 1873
An advertisement in the June 14th, 1873 edition of Banner of Light for a spirit photograph of William White by Benson C. Hazelton. Offered for sale by Colby and Rich are two sizes; Imperials for fifty cents and Carte-de-Visites for twenty-five cents. William White - Spirtualist and author, known for his book "The Life of Swedenborg".
Photographing the Invisible Advertisement
July 26, 1913
An advertisement in the July 26th, 1913 edition of Light for James Coates' book, Photographing the Invisible. The advertisement states the book "traces the history of 'Spirit Photography' in during the past forty years, and gives a lucid account of its remarkable progress". Photographing the Invisible (1911) - A book about the practice of spirit photography in the late 19th and early 20th century. Coates describes his own experiences and techniques for capturing images of spirits and analyzes the work of others in the field, while also exploring the history and methods of spiritualism. James Coates (c. 1927) – British writer on Spiritualism and spirit photography. He contributed articles to Light and Two Worlds and was the author of the…
The Price of Spirit Photography
Research Post
February 17, 2023
Spirit photography was part of the thriving "supernatural economy" driven by desire to communicate with the dead. Almost all instances of spirit photography were commercial in nature and photographers who managed to capture images of deceased spirits on film saw considerable financial returns for their labor.[1] To ensure that accurate comparisons can be made across different time periods and locations, all prices mentioned have been converted to dollars and adjusted for inflation to reflect their equivalent value in 2023.[2][3] Spirit Photograph Sitting $93.42 Édouard Isidore Buguet charged twenty francs for spirit photography sittings in 1876, which, when converted to dollars and adjusted for inflation, is equivalent to $128.89 in 2023. Frank N. Foster charged one dollar and ten cents for…
Hudson – Spirit Photographs Advertisement
The Spiritualist
April 15, 1872
An advertisement by Fredrick A. Hudson in the April 15th, 1872 edition of The Spiritualist for spirit photographs. The advertisement offers Carte de Visite photographs for 1 shilling each of his "best" spirit photographs.
Keeler – Spirit Photographer Advertisement
The Sunflower
October 15, 1900
An advertisement by Dr. W. M. Keeler in the October 15th, 1900 edition of The Sunflower for his services as a spirit photographer. The advertisement offers mail-order spirit photographs for the price of $2 by submitting a lock of hair or personal picture.
The Case for Spirit Photography Advertisement
January 6, 1923
An advertisement by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the January 6th, 1923 edition of Light for his book, The Case for Spirit Photography. The book offers "corroborative evidence by experienced researchers and photographers" for the price of 2s 10d.
Foster – Spirit Photographers Advertisement
The Progressive Thinker
December 17, 1892
An advertisement by Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Foster in the December 17th, 1892 edition of The Progressive Thinker for their services as a spirit photographer. The advertisement states they "acknowledge no superiors in their line."
Mumler – Seeking Spirit Photographers Advertisement
The Herald of Progress
December 20, 1862
An advertisement by William H. Mumler in the December 20th, 1862 edition of The Herald of Progress seeking spirit photographers. The advertisement states "artists . . . who have ever received, upon a negative, any spiritual manifestations, will please communicate".
Mrs. L. Carter – Spirit Photograph Advertisement
Light of Truth
April 20, 1895
An advertisement by Mrs. L. Carter in the April 20th, 1895 edition of Light of Truth for her services as a spirit photographer. The advertisement offers spirit photographs for the price of five 2-cent stamps and also includes a free psychometric disease diagnosis.
Spirit Pictures Advertisement
Banner of Light
January 9, 1875
An advertisement in the January 8th, 1875 edition of Banner of Light for spirit pictures. Offered for sale by Colby and Rich are photographs of Katie King and Vashti, "The Spirit Indian Friend of Mrs. J. H. Conant". This is related to a photograph seen here.