Man & Spirit
Fredrick A. Hudson
An 1870s spirit photograph by Fredrick A. Hudson featuring an unidentified man in a trance and a spirit in a cloth. The photograph bears the inscription "Copyright F. Hudson" on the front and "No. 22" on the rear.
Spirit of Napoleon
William M. Keeler
A 1912 spirit photograph by William M. Keeler featuring the spirit of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) - French military and political leader who became Emperor of France from 1804 to 1814. He is renowned for his military prowess but his ambition ultimately led to his defeat and exile to Elba before his final defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.
Girl & Spirit of Mother
Fredrick A. Hudson
May 2, 1872
An 1872 spirit photograph by Frederick A. Hudson featuring a girl and the spirit of her mother. The back of the photograph bears the inscription "May 2nd, 1872 / Mrs. Guppy's cousin and Miss Houghton mediums / A young child was standing where this spirit, her deceased mother, appeared. The mother was well known to me during her childhood and girlhood. G. Houghton". Georgiana Houghton (1814–1884) – British artist and Spiritualist medium.
Luther Parks & Spirit
William H. Mumler
An 1863 spirit photograph by William H. Mumler featuring Luther Parks and the spirit of a child. The back of the photograph states the spirit is his nephew but that appears to be a misprint in reference to another spirit photograph Parks had taken. The back of the photograph bears the inscription: PORTRAIT OF MR LUTHER PARKS, of Boston, U.S.A. The figure is recognized by himself and his family, as that of a deceased Nephew. See "Spiritual Magazine" for January & Feb. 1863. The Spiritual Magazine describes the photos as follows: The next is a portrait of Mr. Luther Parks, an elderly gentleman, well known in this city, sitting with his hat on. The spirit in this picture is entirely…
Woman & 4 Spirits
An 1890s spirit photograph by an unknown photographer featuring an unidentified woman and four spirits.