Keeler - Arthur H. C. and Spirit of Princess Sophia Spirit Photograph

Arthur H. C. & Spirit of Princess Sophia

A 1900s spirit photograph by William M. Keeler featuring Arthur H. C. and the spirit of Princess Sophia.

The back of the photograph bears the inscription:

Arthur H. C.

Photo by Keeler

_____ by A.R.C.

Sophia –

Electress of Hanover

Daughter of James I of Eng + VI of Scotland

Sophia of Hanover (1630-1714) – German princess who was next in line for the English and Irish thrones after King William III, due to her Protestant faith. Her son, George I, later became the first British monarch from the House of Hanover. Sophia was also a patron of the arts and had intellectual interests.

Photograph ID: 2023.1213.4351

Photographer: William M. Keeler

Type: Gelatin Silver Print

Period: 1900s

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