Boursnell - J. H. Evans and Spirit of Child Spirit Photograph

J. H. Evans & Spirit of Child

An 1890s spirit photograph by Robert Boursnell featuring J. H. Evans and a spirit of a boy. Written on the back of the photograph is “Photographs of the Invisible / Obtained by Two Spiritualists in London“ and “Colored boy’s spirit. No iris round the pupil of his eye. The sitter’s hands holding flowers, is distorted by the unequal transparency of the Spirit’s garment.”.

J. H. Evans (d. 1924) – Spiritualist from Plymouth, England, was known for his participation in a series of spirit photographs with Robert Boursnell. He was a lecturer on Spiritualism and established the Westwell-Street Society.

Photograph ID: 2023.303.3641

Photographer: Robert A. Boursnell

Type: Cabinet Card

Period: 1890s

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