Buguet Mons. Leymaria and Mons. C. and spirit of Edouard Poiret Spirit Photograph

Mons. Leymarie & Mons. C. & Spirit of Edouard Poiret

An 1874 spirit photograph by Édouard Isidore Buguet featuring Mons. Leymaria and Mons. C and the spirit of Edouard Poiret.

Medium William Stanton Moses stated about this photograph:

“The second of the photographs given as illustrations with this number is perhaps the most remarkable spirit-picture with which I am acquainted, and if one be in existence which is more remarkable, I confess I should like to see it. M. Leymarie, editor of the Revue Spirite, is one of the sitters, and Monsieur C. the other. They performed all the previous manipulations with the plate themselves, M. Buguet having nothing to do with the matter. Between M. Leymarie and his friend, who is shrouded in spirit drapery, comes the spirit, really more palpable and material than the sitters, an old friend who died at Pimprez (Oise) twelve years before, by name, Edouard Poiret. His form is enveloped in fluidic veil, but the face is the thoroughly developed face of a living man, every feature distinct, more so, in fact, than the faces of the sitters.”

Human Nature: A Monthly Journal of Zoistic Science – February 1875

Photograph ID: 2022.69.1311

Photographer: Édouard Isidore Buguet

Type: Carbon Print

Year: 1874

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