Hudson - Mr. Raby and Spirits of Countess and James Lombard and Tommy and Mr. Wootton's Mother Spirit Photograph

Mr. Raby & Spirits of Countess, James Lombard, Tommy, & Mr. W’s Mother

An 1875 spirit photograph by Frederick A. Hudson featuring Mr. Raby and the spirits of James Lombard, Tommy, Mr. Wootton’s Mother, and Countess.

The back of the photograph bears the inscription:

Obtained by Messrs. Raby Wootton & Rutherford at Hudson’s Studio.

At a Seance at Mr. Wootton’s the spirits desired him to go to Hudson’s promising they would try to produce their likeness.

Mr. W. did so, accompanied by his friends. The gentlemen operated themselves without allowing Hudson to take any part in the manipulations. The result was exactly as the spirits had told beforehand it would be. Mr. Raby sat and the spirits “Countess,” “James Lombard,” “Tommy,” and Mr. Wootton’s mother appeared when the plate was developed.

Photograph ID: 2023.200.3353

Photographer: Fredrick A. Hudson

Type: Cabinet Card

Year: 1875

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