Hazelton Mrs. Floyd and 4 Spirits Spirit Photograph

Mrs. Floyd & 4 Spirits

An 1870s spirit photograph by Benson C. Hazelton. The photograph features Mrs. Floyd, mother of Spiritualist medium Emma Hardinge Britten, and four recognized spirits.

Emma Hardinge Britten (1823 – 1899) – English advocate for the early Modern Spiritualist Movement. Much of her life and work was recorded and published in her speeches and writing and an incomplete autobiography edited by her sister. She is remembered as a writer, orator, trance clairvoyant, and spirit medium

Photograph ID: 2022.1545.1572

Photographer: Benson C. Hazelton

Type: Carte de Visite

Period: 1870s

Courtesy of: Michael McDowell Death Collection

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