Hazelton Spirit Photograph Article -Kingdom of Heaven May 1874

Hazelton – “Spirit Photography”

An article published in the May 1874 edition of Kingdom of Heaven about spirit photographer Benson C. Hazelton. The article describes the authors trip to Hazelton’s studio and the process of obtaining three spirit photographs.

The article also includes sample of a letter of appreciation to Hazelton, the text of which is below:

Mr. Hazelton. Dear Sir – those pictures you took for me, also for my husband, are regonized. It is my darling child. With my husband, he knows it is his old grandfather that passed away, in Germany some 40 years ago; never had a picture taken. * * * The little boy, is my sweet little bud that went over years ago; the younger man, is my first husband. O’ thank god! That i can look at these dear faces, you mission is great, grand.

Fraternally thine,
S. A. Rodgers Heyder

The Kingdom of Heaven – May, 1874

Archive ID: 2022.1545.1595

Date: May 1, 1874

Publisher: The Kingdom of Heaven

Photographer: Benson C. Hazelton

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