Foster Spirit Photograph Advertisement - The Sunflower Oct 28 1909

Foster – Spirit Photographer Advertisement

An advertisement by Frank N. Foster in the October 28th, 1905 edition of The Sunflower for his services as a spirit photographer. The photographs can be purchased through the mail for $1.10 ($37.21 in 2022).

The advertisement states:

I have had a continuous experience In this phase of mediumship for over twenty years, during which time I have been successful in obtaining for my numerous patrons hundreds of pictures which, have been fully recognized as correct likenesses of relatives and friends who have passed beyond the veil. In taking these photographs by mail I am nearly always able to get statures which you recognize.

Archive ID: 2022.792.1657

Date: October 28, 1905

Publisher: The Sunflower

Photographer: Frank N. Foster

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