Chief Rheamont & 3 Spirits Spirit Photograph

Chief Rheamont & 3 Spirits

A 1923 spirit photograph by an unknown photographer taken at Camp Chesterfield. The photograph features Chief James Henry Rheamont and three spirits.

Written on the back is “Chief Rheamont at Chesterfield, Ind., August 1923, home Warren, Ohio”.

Chief James Henry Rheamont (1866 – 1969) was a Native American medium and an active participant in the large Spiritualist community at Chesterfield, Indiana. He achieved some national prominence in 1921 when a seance attendee turned on a flashlight while Rheamont was in a trance, leading Rheamont to hit the man with a guitar. Aftterwhich he fled and was later arrested.

Camp Chesterfield – Founded in 1891 and is the home of the Indiana Association of Spiritualists, located in Chesterfield, Indiana. Camp Chesterfield offers Spiritualist Church services, seminary, and mediumship, faith healing, and spiritual development classes, as well as psychic readings for patrons.

Photograph ID: 2022.16.2056

Photographer: Unknown

Type: Gelatin Silver Print

Year: 1923

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