Wyllie - Mrs. Coates and John Auld and Spirit Spirit Photograph

Mrs. James Coates & John Auld & Spirit

A 1909 spirit photograph by Edward Wyllie featuring Mrs. James Coates, John Auld, and a spirit. The back of the photograph bears the inscription “1909 / A ___ picture. Wyllie Psychic. / Spirit form recognized. / Taken in Rothesay / Mrs. Coates / Mr. John Auld of Glasgow”

James Coates (c. 1927) – British writer on Spiritualism and spirit photography. He contributed articles to Light and Two Worlds and was the author of the book Photographing the Invisible.

Photograph ID: 2023.219.3461

Photographer: Edward Wyllie

Type: Gelatin Silver Print

Year: 1909

Courtesy of: Michael McDowell Death Collection

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