Photographing the Invisible; Light - Jul 26 1913 Spirit Photography Book

Photographing the Invisible Advertisement

An advertisement in the July 26th, 1913 edition of Light for James Coates’ book, Photographing the Invisible. The advertisement states the book “traces the history of ‘Spirit Photography’ in during the past forty years, and gives a lucid account of its remarkable progress”.

Photographing the Invisible (1911) – A book about the practice of spirit photography in the late 19th and early 20th century. Coates describes his own experiences and techniques for capturing images of spirits and analyzes the work of others in the field, while also exploring the history and methods of spiritualism.

James Coates (c. 1927) – British writer on Spiritualism and spirit photography. He contributed articles to Light and Two Worlds and was the author of the book Photographing the Invisible.

Archive ID: 2023.0.4184

Date: July 26, 1913

Publisher: Light

Author: James Coates

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